5 Warm Modern Spaces

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Warmth refers to an atmosphere of friendliness, concern and support that a successful home generates.

David Seamon: A Geography of the Lifeworld


With its circle of warmth, the fireplace had once been the center of family life. Its dancing light, smoky smells and warm crackling created an ambiance that made a house more than a home. . . . the traditions around the hearth stretched back through the ages, connecting each house to deep cultural roots. What were the qualities of the hearth that made it so wonderful and so beloved?

Lisa Heschong: Thermal Delight in Architecture


Warmth – psychological and physical – begins in design.

I’m writing this post on 21 December, 2013, this year’s winter solstice. And so I thought I’d share some modern spaces which evoke warmth. Modern architecture is sometimes criticized for its lack of warmth, this is my evidence that examples of inviting modern spaces abound.







Sources: For more on these houses visit these sites:

1. Gamble House (Greene and Greene)


2. House (Alvar Aalto)


3. Bernard Schwartz House (Frank Lloyd Wright)


4. House (Chad Everhart Architect)


5. Studio Addition (Bohl Architects)



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